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“Our world is changing at an escalating pace, increasing our struggle to understand the everyday complexities of our professional and personal lives.”



The core areas of my work and expertise are in developing the organization’s human capital, both for the present and the future, by unleashing the inherent magic that is contained within the organization’s social fabric.

Executive Coaching

For executives, there is a great deal of flexibility in the structure – in the type of connection (in-person, phone, email, online), in the frequency of our sessions, in the time of day. However, there is no flexibility in your commitment – you must be willing to travel and be open to every challenge, obstacle, or victory along the way.

Personal/Life Coaching

A traveling companion on such a journey of individual learning is of great assistance. This is my work with individuals, as well as small groups and teams. As your traveling and learning partner, I provide a rich and diverse variety of services from the realm of Personal Coaching.

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