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Our world is changing at an escalating pace, and we are seeing it everywhere – exponentially evolving technology, globalization, changing demographics, economic inequality, disruptive and innovative business models, and rapidly-shrinking natural resources are among the factors that are bringing people from diverse cultures and backgrounds around the “same table” to do business, collaborate, and talk about our collective future.

How do we view this complexity and rapid pace of change not as a burden, but rather as a catalyst and an accelerator to unleash our best creative imagination, thinking, innovation, and passion? How do we tap into, harness, and engage the power of our hearts and souls, so that our human spirit is collectively unleashed towards a fulfilling future? How do we prepare ourselves and our organizations to thrive in such complex, chaotic, uncertain, and rapidly evolving future?

I firmly and passionately believe that a very different leadership attitude, as well as a set of skills and capacities, is needed, in order to fully embrace such future. This is The UNLEASH Approach – designing and implementing learning processes that redefine and recreate your organizational culture, throughout the whole organization. The core elements in this approach are:

  • Integrating the Philosophy, Principles, and Practices of Conscious Leadership
  • Coaching as a Way of Transforming the Ways We Lead Ourselves, Our People, and Organizations
  • Unleashing and Harnessing Individual and Organizational Creativity and Innovation

The outcomes of this approach are that the individual and collective curiousity, creativity, innovation, self-awareness, fulfillment, and passion are UNLEASHed fully, to help both individuals and organizations thrive and make a lasting difference in the world.

I am a strong believer in collaboration and co-creation. My network includes amazing professionals who are passionate about what they do, and are deeply knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. All are also good friends. We create and deliver customized learning experiences that address the needs of our clients using our collective experience, talents, and gifts.

While I am based in the beautiful Vancouver, Canada, my work encompasses diverse geographical areas and crosses many borders. Using a diverse combination of face-to-face and distance learning approaches, I work with clients around the world; recent examples include India, China, USA, Australia, Russia, Brunei, The Netherlands, France, Israel, and Costa Rica.

Another very important question is “What?”

What I do is many-fold, but the core of my coaching focuses on 3 key topics: Our Understanding of Reality, Our Creative Endeavors that Lead to Innovation & Transformational Leadership. What I find is when an individual or an organization is on the verge of an evolution, that by: 1) Defining What We Know, 2) Discussing What We Believe to be the Upper Limits of What is Possible, and 3) Allowing Room for Insightful Alterations to Guide the Shape, Direction & Velocity of that Transformation; we bear witness to some of the most exciting, creative, bold and innovative accomplishments in the lifetime of the individual or (in the case of a business) the history of the organization.