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Why am I here? How can I be the best in – and for – the world? For my organization? For my relationship? Friends? What does success mean for me? How can I perform at my absolute best? How can I become an inspiring, impactful, tranformational leader? Is there more to life? How can I orient my life around my right livelihood (making a life and a living in an ethical way that both fits with my preferences and passions and also serves others and the planet), and what legacy will I be leaving behind?

All are tremendously valid and important questions.

The answers to these question are found on a journey of inquiry, exploration, discovery, and action. A journey of an individual, focused, and highly customized process of Personal Coaching.

It is an exciting journey of many adventures, as well as challenges. Such journey will orient your life around what I call Learning as a Way of Being – a combination of beliefs, mental models, strategies, attitudes, and approaches used to navigate our complex, turbulent, unpredictable, and rapidly-changing world. This emergent learning begins at the boundary of one’s knowledge.

A traveling companion on such a journey of individual learning is of great assistance. This is my work with individuals, as well as small groups and teams. As your traveling and learning partner, I provide a rich and diverse variety of services from the realm of Personal Coaching.

We partner and collaborate according to your needs and the direction you set up. There is a great deal of flexibility in the structure – in the type of connection (in-person, phone, email, online), in the frequency of our sessions, in the time of day. However, there is no flexibility in your commitment – you must be willing to travel and be open to every challenge, obstacle, or victory along the way.