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Why I do what I do.

I deeply believe in our individual and collective potential of liberating and UNLEASHing our creative spark. I believe in living divided no more. I believe in being connected to a sense of purpose and expressing it everywhere one finds herself or himself. I believe that inner work is a path to unleashing our skills, gifts, and talents towards a fulfilled and meaningful life. I believe that when leaders model such a way of showing up and invite their people to bring their hearts and souls into the workplace – their organizations thrive.

Why you would want to work with me.

You – and your organization – are looking for a partner for the next phase(s) of your journey. Someone who is committed, passionate about what they do, willing and able to hold you to your highest standards, highlight your blind spots, amplify your skills/gifts/talents, and stand in the fire with you. Someone who will UNLEASH the passion, creativity, vision, dreams, and the creative spark – yours, and of the people in your organization.

Why I would want to work with you.

You are ready for the journey. Your organization is ready (or, perhaps, not ready, yet willing). You know it will have challenges along the way, yet are willing to look beyond it, into what can be possible when showing up in a full, open, and UNLEASHed heart and soul. You know that the “good old ways” of doing life don’t work any more. You are ready to open up and embrace a deeper, richer, more challenging and more fulfilling, way of showing up in the world. You are ready to UNLEASH your whole beautiful radiant and creative self.

Let us explore the most important question of all. “Why?”