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When people are being seen, honoured, acknowledged…
When people are encouraged to bring their whole selves to the workplace…
When people are connected to a sense of purpose…
When people’s creativity is unleashed…

Everything changes.

Performance. Adaptability. Engagement. Inspiration. Innovation. Transformation. Magic. They all happen.

Our world is changing at an escalating pace. How do we view this complexity and rapid pace of change not as a burden, but rather as a catalyst and an accelerator to unleash our best creative imagination, thinking, innovation, and passion? How do we tap into, harness, and engage the power of our hearts and souls, so that our human spirit is collectively unleashed towards a fulfilling future?

How ready are you – are we all – to meet and embrace this future? Your team? Organization?

The UNLEASH Approach: Transforming Leadership. Transforming Culture. Transforming People.

I work with you and your organization to design and implement learning processes that redesign and recreate your organizational culture, through The UNLEASH Approach. The outcomes of this approach are that the individual and the collective curiousity, creativity, innovation, self-awareness, fulfillment, and passion are UNLEASHed fully, to help both individuals and organizations thrive and make a lasting difference in the world.

Facilitating such organizational and individual learning strategies, and creating UNLEASHed cultures of creativity for navigating chaos and complexity is what I do. It is my work. It is also my greatest passion.


Welcome to Simon Says Consulting

Facilitating Personal and Organizational Learning.

Simon offers organizational services, executive coaching & personal coaching in a variety of formats. Whether it’s one-on-one coaching or group workshops for the whole company, Simon’s effortless charisma, deep wisdom & vast experience are assets beyond describable value.

As the complexities of life throw us curve balls, being agile and not only able to adapt, but actually designed to adapt to the changing conditions is advantageous and potentially necessary. Simon Says Consulting is available to help you, your executive team or your company/organization at the meta-level develop strategies for overcoming obstacles, realizing & achieving your goals, & to help you develop into a more effective leader.